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Payment integration into Shopware for one of the biggest payment handlers in Europe.

A 40$ billion company was founded in 2009 by Swiss national Guillaume Pousaz. In January 2022, the company announced a $1 billion funding round, surpassing the value of competitors such as Revolut and Wise. Investors included the Qatar Investment Authority and Tiger Global Management, among others. is constructing a comprehensive payments organization – it acts as a portal, a purchaser, a risk engine and a payment processor. The firm allows you to handle payments directly on your website or through your app, while also providing hosted payment pages, payment links development, etc. It offers card payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Alipay, bank transfers, SEPA direct debits, and cash payments by means of local networks. specializes in providing payment services to large global enterprise merchants that process a large number of transactions. Among its clients are Netflix, Farfetch, Grab, NetEase, Pizza Hut and Shein; it also contributes to the payment system of some of the leading fintech unicorns, including Klarna, Qonto, Revolut and WorldRemit. This is in contrast to what Stripe offers.


Full Shopware integration
Refund manager
10+ payment methods

Unified Payments

Digital payments
for global businesses
The full stack of payments solutions – built for speed and scale around your unique business needs. All supported by dedicated, local teams, with expertise in every major market.
Shopware Store

Refund Manager

Easily refund orders right from
within your orders view in Shopware.

Headless support

We have a fully integrated support
for an headless approach.

Unlock more revenue
with digital payments, easily serves as a gateway, processor, acquirer and fraud manager through a single API integration.


Grow in new regions with reliable local payment options.


Turn payouts into your competitive advantage.

Fraud Detection

Protect your business from fraud, while minimizing false positives, with a hybrid of rules and machine learning.

Continuous innovation

Stay ahead of the constantly-shifting digital landscape with our industry-leading payments technology.

Reporting and data

Optimize the payments process with granular data and actionable insights accessible from a single database.

Local payments, global reach

Let your customers pay their way, with local payment methods, digital wallets, bank transfers, and more.

Get the

You can download the plugin from within the Shopware store for free and enjoy over 10 different payment integrations.