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We’re one team
all over the world.

As certified Shopware partners, we are creating state-of-the-art digital shopping experiences based on Shopware 6.

Christopher Dosin
Founder & CTO
Andreas Rieger

Head of Digital Consulting

Our Team

Vu Le

Head of Branch Asia

Huy Truong

Backend Developer

Khoa Pham

Fullstack Developer

Jawad Fadel
Frontend Developer
Team Cyprus and Vietnam

One strong team,
not an agency.

Shape & Shift is committed to a healthy work-life-balance of every employee. We foster a collaborative work environment that encourages creativity and innovation.

Our team consists of highly skilled developers with many years of experience in the industry.Located in Germany, Cyprus and Vietnam we all share one mutual goal – to develop cutting-edge technology to support the business goals of our customers.

Shape & Shift fosters a collaborative work environment that encourages creativity and innovation. You can expect exceptional customer service and a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved.


Every team enjoys a few team building events and every once in a while we take things to the next level to create an unforgettable experience for everyone.

What Our Partners Say About Shape & Shift

  • Thomas Kipka
    The blog extension is really useful for our upcoming shop. This enables us to keep customers and fans alike up to date on new products, events and changes. Unfortunately, no authors are displayed here either, but this is not particularly dramatic.
  • Martina Bunk
    Easy to use plugin. Thanks for the quick problem solving.
  • Sven Rösner
    Easy handling. Simple design…. Basically exactly what you need. Unfortunately, the authors are not displayed for me… Maybe someone has a tip for me.
  • Frank Deisel
    For the first time under test conditions we will include this blog in our shop. The installation went smoothly and so did the first test applications. We’re excited to see how things will go once it’s online.
  • Marsl Marcello
    Big Kudos to Shape & Shift for the free plugin. I had some difficulties with the installation at the beginning because something went wrong. The support helped me a lot here (and for free) and we were able to solve the problem + the fix was also included in a patch so that other users will be spared the problem in the future. So if problems arise, just contact support and see what you can do before reacting with a 1-star rating. Can only recommend the plugin and Shape & Shift.
  • Jörg Funk
    Installation worked right away. For free very very good. Thanks again. However, posts should still appear in the sitemap. Maybe it will come with the next update.
  • Joachim
    The plugin itself works very well and for a free plugin it is good to use. Small reductions in the range of functions are completely ok, it’s free. Maybe more features will be added in the future. What I noticed during our installation, since the update to 6.4. the author is no longer displayed, although activated in the configuration. The latest version of the plugin is installed. Unfortunately, there was still no response to inquiries by e-mail even after weeks. That’s a shame, hence the point deduction for support.
  • Thomas Vehns
    The plugin works wonderfully and is quickly installed and configured. A perfect replacement for the blog plugin missing in Shopware 6! We have just activated the update for Shopware 6.4. We are very happy with this plugin!
  • Thomas Haas
    The plugin works excellently to retrofit the blog function that is missing in Shopware 6. The installation is problem-free & also works perfectly with multilingual websites. However, the initial configuration was a bit mystical. (At least in the Shopware Store, the github link describes everything in detail!) Please keep the free version!
  • Michael Eugster
    Finally a blog plugin that does a lot of things right – categories, SEO settings, authors – that’s how it works.

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