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Bionic SEO.

your Shopware SEO
effort with the help of AI.

Utilize the power of AI to step up your Shopware SEO game. State-of-the-art product descriptions, meta titles, image ALT information
and more are just one click away

The integration of AI and SEO will be essential for e-commerce companies looking to improve their search engine rankings and provide personalized shopping experiences for their customers.

SEO & AI right within Shopware 6

We are about to change the way how SEO will be done in Shopware 6. With the power of AI we enable you to take care of SEO without external help.
Optimize images by AI Optimize images by AI

Optimize your image ALT

powered by artificial intelligence
Magically create optimized image descriptions with a single click.
Bionic SEO for Shopware Site Audit Bionic SEO for Shopware Site Audit

Site Audit

Seamlessly integrated into your Shopware admin
Run automated health checks on your website with instant fixes to any identified issues with just a single click.

AI powered
optimaztion for your Shopware shop

Instant AI powered optimization of your Shopware site – Instead of going through the hassle of briefing external resources get your AI optimized content instantly

SEO Checklist

Have our powerful AI create a comprehensive SEO checklist for you that can be processed with a single click.
Bionic SEO checklist for Shopware

AI powered contend creation

The choice is yours

First you pick where you want “Bionic SEO” to do its magic – product description, category meta description, you name it

Select your target

Next chose your specific target – a specific product or category.

Check the results

last but not least you’ll be able to manually review the result and apply adjustments if needed.

AI generated content within the storefront

Once you saved the generated content, we’ll automaticlly update the specific entity – For example your selected product, so it’s directly visible within the storefront.

Let our AI do the job.

Utilize the power of our AI to allocate your SEO budget to a better cause.

Keyword research

Drive traffic to your site by identifying the leading keywords.

On-page analytics

Gain analytical on-page insights and have them optimized with a single click.

Competitor Analysis

Increase traffic and improve performance by leveraging competitor’s benchmarks.

Content Marketing

Develop a powerful data driven content strategy.

Market Analysis

Understand your positioning against your competitors in your traditional market as well as new territory.

Link Building

Find unique opportunitities to strengthen your backlink profile.

Frequently asked questions

The results do not perfectly match

The AI is trained to cover variuos cases and industries such as fashion, electronies and more.

However, if the results do not perfectly match for your specific Onlineshop or case, we do offer a service to provide you with individual fine tuned models. That being said the AI will generate results based on your specific needs.

Just drop us a message at [email protected].

How many products can I optimize?
We’re still in a closed beta. Within the beta you will be able to optimize up to 100 products. At a later stage you will be charged based on credits that you’re using.
Can I edit the results?
Yes, absolutley! If a result does not match your requirements, you’re also able to manually edit the results. All results are saved, so you have full control over the output within your Shopware Onlineshop.
When will the App be released?

We’re aiming for the first release in the first quarter of 2023.

Keyword analysis

Analyze keywords directly from within your Shopware administration.

On-Page analtyics

Gain analytical on-page insights and have them optimized with a single click.

Optimize images by AI

Image ALT tag optimization – 100% automated image alt tag optimization – mow possible within the Shopware administration.

Generate Meta title & descriptions

Generate all your product meta title and descriptions fully automated by AI. No need to do it manually, let our AI do the hard work and save countless of hours.

Competitor Analysis

Increase your website traffic and improve performance with competitors’ winning strategies.

Awesome support

Get support right from within your Shopware administration. We think to help our customers is the most crucial point to have a happy customer. Get In-App live-chat support right away!

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