Open Source matters

What would be the world without Open Source?

We love Shopware and we love to contribute to the awesome Shopware ecosystem. That's also why we're focusing 100% on Shopware since the beginning. Almost every new package arises from client work. When we discover functionality in client projects that is useful for others, we extract it to an open source package. Have a look around; we're pretty sure there's something here that will suit your project!


Write blog posts and add categories to those

CMS Column / Grid Blocks

Gives you the ability to create columns within the CMS Designer

ESD / Digital Downloads

Offer digital downloads and serial numbers

Image Hotspot

Shopware 6 plugin to add hotspots with a title and text popover to an image Topics Resources

Login for categories

Restrict a category to login and/or restrict a category based on a customer group.


Use Wordpress like Shortcodes in Shopware 6

Sold out products to the end

Put sold out products always at the end of the listing in #Shopware 6