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Frontend Developer

As part of engineering team, you will be working on the product and internal modules. We are looking for engineers to accelerate our work on existing projects, and future products.

We are a little experienced #Shopware team and we're looking for a Frontend Developer to join our small team on site here in our office in Kissonegra, Pafos 🇨🇾🌞.

We're focusing 100% on Shopware - Think of it like #magento, or #woocommerce - Just better ❤️.

Shopware is based on Symfony 4.4 for the core. The Storefront is built on top of Bootstrap 4, Twig & Vanilla ES6 JS. The admin interface is built on top of #Vue.js ❤️

A degree is not important to us, what is important is that you enjoy your work and that you continue to develop yourself. 🚀

For us it would be important that you are familiar with the following technologies:

  • Advanced HTML / CSS / SCSS

  • Twig Template Language

  • Advanced Vanilla Javascript & ES6

  • Vue.js - because the admin interface is built on Vue

  • Basic handling of git like push, pull, commits, branches

  • and of course .. Writing clean, documented code

A bit about the work 🖥️

Personally, we think that 6 to 7 hours per day are enough if you really focus on your work,

instead of sitting from morning to afternoon at the office and driving home when it's already dark - So why not just leave at 3 and go to the beach to relax the rest of the day 🏖️

To be clear: The most important thing for us as a little team is that you're highly motivated and you like to come to the work and enjoy it 💙

We're still a very young team, but we give our best to make our team members happy - If you need for example a company car 🏎️, just talk to us and we will handle it. If you need help to cover your first one or two rents 🏠 because of the re-location, just talk to us.

Of course, you also get some top-notch new equipment like a new 16" Macbook Pro, which you can also use privately 💻

In general: We're super open, as long as the work gets done 💪

Send us a message, preferably with your profiles like Github or Stackoverflow, your yearly salary expectation and tell us a little bit about yourself, what you have done so far, maybe you have done some smaller private projects etc.

We are looking forward to you.🤩

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